Business Perfect Website

When to chose the Business Pack

The Business Pack is perfect for you when you find yourself in one or more of the following situations:

  • You need either to replicate your actual website or have a new one built from scratch.
  • You need full SEO (on-page and off-page) for your website. Local businesses are welcome too.
  • You need media processing (images, video), advanced slideshows.
  • You want extended maintenance.


  1. We Guarantee Top Performance for your website when we hand it over to you and if you use it similar to this one (url: If you need other functionalities or scripts added, you should verify with us before the purchase. Read recommendations here.
  2. Top Performance is defined here as a score of 90+ (where 100 is the highest possible) when the website is tested with Google Lighthouse. This score should be achieved for the following parameters: Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO. Other performance test providers might display different scores based on their own criteria, but we consider Lighthouse the most relevant, as Google hold it’s own analysis as a ranking factor. And, if it’s good for Google, it’s probably good for all the other search engines.
    We always aim for an overall score of 100 in Lighthouse, but there are external factors that could influence the score. For example – your web hosting server. Read recommendations here.
  3. After you take over your newly built website, if you opt to get the free Maintenance from us, we need access to your WordPress administrative panel. We might need also access to your cPanel on the server or your permission to temporarily install a plugin for this purpose.
    The Maintenance refers to your website’s security and stability from the WordPress perspective. We cannot have control over the website’s downtimes caused by your server. During the Maintenance period, we perform necessary updates and backups.
  4. We are providing you only the web development and services as offered for your purchased package. We cannot be hold responsible for any legal aspect related to your website’s content.
  5. The licences for the premium plugins preinstalled on your site are paid for 12 months. It is up to you if you want to continue using those plugins in the premium version after the license expires. However, they cost just a few dollars per month in total.



Be aware of your website’s potential number of visits! While most of the shared hosting providers could be good for a small number of users, when your site becomes popular you should definitely look for managed hosting.
You should also consider using a CDN for your content if your site is accessed from various countries/continents.


Please change the color carefully! You should always take into account the contrast ratio between any text and the background.

Best Practices

Do not use low resolution images!
Carefully check each link’s destination!


Always use the secure version of the website (https)!
The headings should respect the hierarchy from H1 to H6. Please don’t use more than one H1!
Even if you score 100 for SEO in Lighthouse, it does not mean that all the SEO techniques are already used. There are multiple ways to optimize for search engines, including off-site SEO.

You will soon have a Perfect Website!

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